Company overview

Location analytics is the next big thing. Companies know Who, What and When about their customers, but Where has so far proven to be significantly elusive.

Matthew Diamond


NEWGROVE is an energetic, innovative and creative technology company, specialising in location-based software that revolutionises the way our clients understand their customers. By providing our clients with the tools to enhance their location analytics and customer insight, they in turn make better informed business decisions, improve customer acquisition and retention, and ultimately increase profitability.

It is imperative to us that our products are easy to use (and easy to buy), future proof and scalable; this is why we concentrate on our technology and on our clients in equal measure.

We see our clients as partners. Our focus is on what they need and how they will benefit, and our development programme is undertaken in conjunction with them. We want to build on our clients’ experiences and the results our software gives them. We aim for long-term relationships with our clients, but without tying them down in long-term contracts.

Location Intelligence

The substantial impact location analytics has on the global market is becoming more and more apparent. According to IBM, there has been a 90% increase in data-generation in the last 2 years, which is expected to double in the next 2 years; Deloitte states that 80% of data now has a location component attached. More location data means a better informed picture of current consumer behaviour and significant risk-reductions in strategic planning. Increased marketing spending in this area is therefore a logical investment, and our low-cost software promises a better return for the increasing quantity of data available.


NEWGROVE is a leading expert in customer location analytics and customer insight. We create tailored web-based analytical tools that merge vast amounts of geographic, demographic, economic and other third party data into meaningful insights that enhance location-based marketing activities and strategic decision-making.

Over two decades of experience in location- analytics has resulted in long-term collaborations with some of the most competitive brands that operate across the UK. Clients including Royal Mail, Financial Times, Post Office and Nectar regard NEWGROVE as being highly energetic and forward-thinking in supporting their day-to-day operations.

NEWGROVE’s mission is to become a global leader in location analytics solutions by providing ground-breaking and intuitive tools that offer long-term strategic advantages to businesses.

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