Location, location, location – make the right business decision

Periscope® can help

Where are your customers and where should you be?

Planning the next location for your business always comes with high risk. Periscope® helps you understand what it is that makes your existing locations successful and helps you decide where to be next.

Periscope® in Action

Periscope® for Location Planning

The secret to better and profitable location planning is the ability to turn overwhelmingly complex data into actionable insights. The types of challenges differ from organisation to organisation and most often they require input from different departments. Periscope® will enable you to merge these specialised (and therefore often limiting) ideas into a single objective view, ensuring a transparent process across your organisation. Below are some examples of how Periscope® can support planning your next location:

•     See all your locations and your competitors in one view
•     Compare new locations with each other
•     Compare location performance to local demographics
•     Visualise your company’s OOH sites and find new opportunities
•     Plan relocation based on staff home locations and transport accessibility
•     Design personas based on customers who most frequently use a particular branch          or store
•     Plan local advertising

Below are a few examples of how Periscope® will help benefit your location planning strategy:

•     It is internet-based, so there is no need for software to be loaded locally or for you            to be office-bound to use it
•     Data is not restricted; you can use any data from any provider
•     It supports unlimited users and you can even share ideas on your work-space
•     It’s not restricted to company size or within the UK only, so suitable for any sizes of          organisation and anywhere in the world
•     It’s really easy to use; 1 hour of training and you are ready to go


A retail company decides to increase its market presence on the high streets. To expand successfully, it needs to evaluate its current locations, analyse current customers, identify potential new customers and assess new locations.

Periscope® Solution

Periscope® enables the client to link their current locations with their customer and marketing database to visualise their branches and customers, and use demographics to build profiles of which stores are more profitable and why, including any effects competitor stores may have.

The client can now determine the factors that made a branch more successful than another, and plan and compare the likely performance of new locations.
Once new locations have been determined, local marketing campaigns can be created appropriate to local demographic, branch location and competitor impact.

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“NEWGROVE’s market knowledge and ability to convert a vision into a product resulted in a very rewarding experience and long term business relationship. NEWGROVE remain agile in responding to new technology and client requirements, and this commitment is proven by their success in a challenging market; punching way above their weight.” Simon Woddy

GIS Project Manager, Buro Happold

“Periscope is just what we were looking for – after just 2hrs training we rolled it out across all departments and it has been providing invaluable location based insight ever since. I can’t recommend it highly enough.” Andy Thompson

Chairman of the Board, Anytime Fitness

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can use it?

There is no limit; we have customers with over 1,000`s users at any one time.

How long does it take to deliver Periscope®?

Periscope® is offered as a managed service and is typically available for use in less than 3 days; we normally do not require any resource from the client’s technical team.

Can I use Periscope® only in the office?
No, Periscope® can be accessed from any web browser or tablet and from any location.
Do I require any training?
Yes, training is completed online and typically takes no more than 1 hour.
Can I incorporate my own data within Periscope®?
Yes, and in real time.
Do I have to buy data from NEWGROVE?

No, we can incorporate data from any current or preferred provider into Periscope®; if you do not have a provider, we are more than happy to help you find the best provider using our strategic partners.

Can I export the marketing data?
Subject to your licence, marketing files can be exported and used for email, direct mail or call centres.
Will I be locked into a long-term contract?

Not at all. Most customers sign up for a 12-month period and renew every year; we do have customers with longer terms contracts as it suits their business activities.

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