Business success using location analytics

NEWGROVE is a leading expert in location analytics and customer insight. Our web-based tool enables our clients to analyse a wide variety of data from various sources and create a visual business landscape, which provides a powerful basis for strategic decisions.

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Why is location analytics in demand?

Location analytics is the merging of geodemographic, economic and transaction data used by companies for predictive analysis and strategic decision making. Location analytics enable businesses to understand where their customers and competitors are, and where they are going to be.

Meet Periscope®

Periscope® brings the ingredient to what makes data analysis truly valuable – location. It brings together more than two decades of location-based analytics and customer insight experience under a unique dashboard used for predictive analysis and strategic business development. Periscope®’s easy-to-use web interface is quickly deployed, its implementation has no impact on current infrastructure and requires minimal training, ultimately enabling your business to make better strategic decisions faster.

   Designed for:

•     Location analytics
•     Customer profiling & targeting
•     Customer acquisition & retention
•     Competitor analysis
•     Location planning


•     Cloud-based SaaS solution
•     Mobile, fast and intuitive
•     Simple pricing model
•     Manipulates multiple data-sets
•     Continuous updates and support

   Easy to use:

•     Little or no training required
•     Deployment in days, not weeks
•     Does not impact IT infrastructures
•     Works on tablets
•     Intuitive User Interface

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“Our clients now have a better understanding of how their campaign is performing for specific audiences. It allows them to learn in a much more detailed way about different audiences and their likelihood of interacting.”

Jon Slade

Global Digital and Strategic Advertising Sales Director, Financial Times

“It is an excellent example of a highly automated business process that is activated by a sophisticated analytical software system that comprises a blend of (internal) customer data and (external) GIS data.”

Koos Berkhout

Head of Insight, Nectar

“Periscope® will provide a one-stop shop for all information needs relating to our 14,500 strong branch network. Data that would previously have been located in a number of different places will now be in a single, central place. It will spread our investment in geographical data enterprise-wide, rather than just keeping it in the domain of half a dozen experts. Now, anyone in the organisation can access the data very easily and quickly.”

Stuart Hayes

Head of Network Planning, Post Office


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