The Essential Tool For Profiling Your Customers

By combining the latest lifestyle and demographic data, Radar enables precision marketing and insightful strategy

Rich Data

Create Valuable Insights With Radar

Radar is a powerful three tier segmentation system built on a multi-dimensional set of variables that divides the UK population and households into Lifestage and Wealth Categories, Groups & Types. These new Categories allow you to visualise multiple datasets based on age, presence of children, house size and measures of affluency.

With over 300 characteristics being analysed, Radar offers the maximum discrimination variables for clustering – which is ideal for mapping in Periscope®. Or it can simply be accessed as a postcode directory to your own database. Radar is an essential tool for your business, helping you to create valuable insights to support you in your marketing and strategic decisions. 

Radar in Action

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Radar helps you to understand where your customers are based on lifestage or wealth, and a combination of both.

Do you need to create ideal customer personas for a targeted marketing campaign? Do you want to identify the optimum locations for your existing sites? Do you need to gather insights on prospects with similar attributes to your existing customer base?

Radar is your answer.

One of the first geodemographic classifications built from Census21
Detailed segmentation of households and population in the UK
Provides maximum discrimination variables for clustering
Classifies every neighbourhood into one of 80 Types
Perform detailed area analysis using stunning visual storytelling tools

How Radar Helps Your Business

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A cost effective solution built on the latest sources, Radar is ideal for profiling large customer files or performing detailed area analysis. Use cases include:

  • Precise targeting for effective marketing campaigns
  • Detailed mapping for location and logistics planning
  • Deep granularity enabling accurate customer insights

For a complete description of the Lifestage and Wealth, Categories and Groups, and how Radar can help your business, view our brochure.