Periscope® for Strategy

In-depth insights to hone business strategy

Use location intelligence to make strategic decisions across every part of your organisation.

Location strategy
Marketing strategy
Property strategy

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Periscope® Technology

Periscope® is an advanced Cloud-based system that’s simple enough for anyone to use.
Periscope® lets you:

Access data on-the-move
Share data with anyone, anywhere
View data on any web-enabled device
Get up-and-running within one hour
Support unlimited users
Integrate data from any provider

Periscope® in action

Periscope® is a complete data insight solution for national and international brands, enabling you to visualise up to 200 attributes using your own secure, corporate version of Google Maps.

This intuitive software lets you see an overview of branch profitability, competitor impact and customer trends, helping you plan your next move based on actionable real-world data.

mbp strategy

Location planning strategy

Maximise ROI on your next branch by taking location planning to a whole new level. Work out where current and prospective customers are, find the ideal store location, then incentivise prospective customers to utilise your services regularly.

mbp planning

Marketing strategy

Periscope® generates in-depth marketing insights that can be used for location planning or standalone marketing initiatives. Find out where your customers are, where they go, and how they get there.

mbp marketing

Property strategy

Periscope® helps optimise the performance of your commercial property portfolio by enabling you to visualise all the aspects of each location’s performance within a single view.

mbp property

“It is an excellent example of a highly automated business process that is activated by a sophisticated analytical software system that comprises a blend of (internal) customer data and (external) GIS data.”

Koos Berkhout

Head of Insight, Nectar

Do you have 10 minutes to explore what Periscope® could do for your company?

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