Periscope® for Finance

360-degree business intelligence

Gain in-depth insight into the performance of your organisation, from your property portfolio to where the most profitable customers are located. Use this information to find cost efficiencies and improve your margin.

Property performance
Resource performance
Product performance
Customer performance

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Access data on-the-move

Share data with anyone, anywhere

View data in any web-enabled device

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Support unlimited users

Integrate data from any provider

Periscope® in action

Periscope® gives you the depth of understanding you need to optimise your resources, reduce costs and increase profitability.

Save time on the decision-making process by visualising a whole series of variables from a single viewpoint, including:

Owned properties
Property costs
Running costs
Liability levels

mbp finance

Link Periscope® with your company’s financial data to find out:

Type of products sold
Time products are sold
Location products are sold
Number of sales per hour
Number of tills open
Number of sales per till

Use this data to create accurate profit and loss reports for each branch, then make strategic decisions on how best to allocate resources to increase profitability.

mbp strategy

“Royal Mail has worked with Newgrove since 2006, they have a strong skills and experience base, coupled with energy, enthusiasm and a natural determination to deliver a professional product and results to timescale. They also consistently demonstrate creativity and agility which is rarely found with other, larger suppliers and always represent excellent value for money.

The tools they have developed for Royal Mail are a strong asset for our Sales Teams delivering high usage, effective results, positive ROI and excellent user feedback.”

Paul Shepherd

Sales Excellence Manager, Royal Mail

Do you have 10 minutes to explore what Periscope® could do for your company?

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