About Us

Who are we?

Newgrove, established in 1992, is a dynamic, innovative technology company specialising in location intelligence software. We are proud to have worked with a host of well-known clients, including Government agencies (national bodies, the European Union and The United Nations) and a host of national and international brands. Our combined team has more than a century’s experience of geospatial software development.

Our aim is to assure ongoing strategic development for each of our clients using intuitive yet innovative location intelligence solutions.

We have a number of important affiliations, including:

Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud
Ordnance Survey

What we do

Our flagship product, Periscope®, is a complete location intelligence solution, enabling you to gain a new level of insight that can ensure your next commercial move is a profitable one.

Periscope® takes huge datasets and turns them into actionable Google Maps-based visualisations designed
to guide location planning, and property management, as well as facilitate targeted marketing and
customer insight. Using Periscope®, you can:

  • – Make strategic decisions
  • – Mitigate risk
  • – Improve customer acquisition/retention
  • – Increase profitability

Periscope® can collate and simultaneously overlay up to 200 insightful attributes on top of your own performance and customer data. You can create and export reports to be viewed by anyone in your organisation using any device.

Find out how your commercial properties are performing and why.
Discover the perfect location for your next store or marketing campaign.
Create detailed customer personas based on sales & demographics.
Understand the impact of local competition, transport links and footfall.
View big data through a simple interface to gain unexpected insights.
Select franchise territories and position outlets for optimum profitability.

Our ethos

At Newgrove, we concentrate on our technology and our clients in equal measure.
Our primary technological aim is to make Periscope® as easy to use as possible. That’s why we’ve reduced
the time it takes to train new users down to under an hour. We also prioritise:

Future proofing
Cloud access

We view our clients as partners; we aim to establish a long-term collaborative relationship with you, without
tying you in to a long-term contract.

Do you have 10 minutes to explore what Periscope® could do for your company?

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