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Find franchisees fast with location intelligence

Location intelligence is the most effective tool you can use to find franchisees, keep them long-term, and help them grow.   Franchising is a great way to scale your business, offering distinct advantages for both you and your franchise partners.  However, it also...

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The rise and rise of location-based marketing

Location-based marketing hasn't just emerged as another option in the promotional toolkit, it's become a vital means of ensuring profitability for businesses.   Here, we'll look at key statistics that underline the reasons why this marketing technique is gaining such...

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3 ways to master geofencing

Geofencing is a key capability of location-based intelligence; one that offers you the chance to optimise profitability and enhance your data-gathering processes.  By setting up digital ‘fences’ around locations important to your business – your own stores, your...

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