Periscope® for Location Planning

Advanced intelligence for targeted location planning

Visualise your current locations, competitor branches, customers, local transport infrastructure and expected footfall on a single, intuitive interface. Advanced location intelligence to help you make the best choice for your next location.

Company data
Competitor data
Customer data

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Access data on-the-move

Share data with anyone, anywhere

View data in any web-enabled device

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Support unlimited users

Integrate data from any provider

Periscope® in action

Maximise the ROI from your next outlet by selecting a location based on over 200 individual attributes visualised on your own secure, corporate version of Google Maps.

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Periscope® solves two critical location planning problems:

Making sense of big data

Huge volumes of demographic and store data can now be collated, but there hasn’t been a platform that could help businesses make sense of it – until now

Planning ahead

Predicting when, where, and how consumers shop at a particular location is harder than ever, thanks to a plethora of online research and purchasing options

This advanced location planning tool recognises that every company needs a different dataset to make an informed decision. Periscope® enables you to collate extensive company, competitor, customer and locality data from multiple sources and convert it into actionable insight.

Once the data has been input, you can combine it into detailed map-based visualisations and reports that can be exported and viewed by all relevant decision-makers within the company.

Periscope® enables you to:

  • – Evaluate existing branches and key profitability metrics
  • – View demographic data from the UK Census on a map alongside your current and prospective locations
  • – Assess and compare the likely performance of new locations
  • – Link current locations with customer and marketing databases
  • – Find locations accessible to staff and local transport infrastructure
  • – Highlight the strongest attributes of a particular location and find others that match

"In this incredibly fast-paced business world, Newgrove has developed innovative ways of visualising large and complex internal and external datasets. Periscope has been invaluable in helping the Post Office to see where Post Office branches are located relative to other retailers, enabling the Post Office to be where customers shop. The additional modules that bolt onto Periscope enable the Post Office CRM and field teams to log information against branches and display branch specific information to the correct audience in a timely manner. The team at Newgrove is very solution-orientated and has always provided agile solutions to any problem."

Ketul Patel

Data Integration Manager, Post Office

Do you have 10 minutes to explore what Periscope® could do for your company?

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