Periscope® – a complete location analytics package

Periscope® is an advanced location intelligence platform that enables you to visualise multiple datasets alongside each other to draw actionable conclusions.

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Designed to help the whole business, in the office, or in the field.

Here are 7 job functions that can benefit from Periscope®.


Gain invaluable insight into individual store and competitor performance, local demography, transport links and areas with high levels of footfall to make your next move profitable.
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Location Planning

Assess and compare up to 200 data attributes simultaneously using your own secure, corporate version of Google Maps to find the perfect location for your next outlet.
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Create detailed customer personas based on sales and demographic data. Launch targeted, geo-specific marketing campaigns to attract more customers, and choose the most effective OOH advertising spots.
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Find out how each of your commercial properties is performing. Optimise your services by re-allocating resources and products to stores where they are of the most benefit. Plan your refurbishments more effectively.
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Set up a system that can make holistic improvements to your business based on big data analysis. Draw insightful conclusions using simplified visuals to communicate complex ideas.
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Learn about the financial performance of your overall property portfolio. Link Periscope® to your tills to find out what’s being purchased and when, then compare to store staffing costs.
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Franchise Planning

Define franchise territories proportionately to maximise profitability and avoid potential territory disputes. Give franchisees the confidence to expand into new, untapped territories.
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