Visualising Your Data

The mass of rich and meaningful data being produced is growing at an astonishing rate, the ability to understand and monetise it is the challenge we all face.

To some, the mention of data makes their eyes glaze over with the thought of numerous disparate spreadsheets of the stuff! However when we start to visualise it, it all becomes a lot clearer and more compelling as shown in a recent article in The Guardian, which demonstrated the visualisation of data for analysing everything from ‘trade flows’ to ‘global energy consumption’ by region.

The technological revolution that we are now living through, is not only making our lives easier but producing data that is richer than it’s ever been before, this data can be highly valuable into gaining a real understanding of trends and your customer’s changing behaviours.

A plethora of data software solutions are available to businesses, to research, monitor and analyse this richer data and thus and predict their existing and future performance. The challenge lies in how these findings can be shared and understood with other departments and this is where visualisation comes in.

One of the key trends for visualisation is the overlaying of multiple data sets onto a map, this gives context and understanding as to what is happening where, and can be seen and understood by all in the business, resulting in more informed future decision making.

NEWGROVE have developed a visualisation tool called Persicope® based on extensive GIS mapping and location planning skills and expertise, a planning visualisation tool that allows the user to visualise any data they wish. This enables them to picture correlations on a map and understand what is influencing their marketplace. Periscope® is being used by marketing, business development and research teams within businesses to share the visualisation of data that is easier to understand and brings real context to companies’ data.