4 undeniable reasons why territory planning for sales people is crucial to success

Territory planning for sales people is the key to maximising profitability and optimising operability. 

Periscope® an advanced yet intuitive location intelligence solution enables you to gain an overview of your territories, and dig down into the data associated with each area. 

This helps enhance performance across the board from individual sales people, to franchise partners, all the way up to the C-suite. 

Improve your operations with territory planning for sales people

Here, we’ll explore four reasons why territory planning for sales people should be at the centre of your strategy:

1) Consider more than just size alone

Territory size is an immensely useful metric.

However, gaining a more detailed understanding of trends within each territory will help you position staff and resources where they’re needed most. 

This can help you make efficiency savings while ensuring your network is fully serviced. It can also enhance your brand reputation by making sure products/services are always available where needed. 

Be sure to factor in demographic, socio-economic, temporal and competitor data when considering your territories with location intelligence. 

2) Enhance oversight and incentivisation

With this level of understanding, you can generate more accurate sales targets that truly reflect the opportunities within each territory. 

Attributing these sales targets to specific territories and monitoring how these are met over time will give you insight into how regions and even individual sales peopleare performing. 

With this information, you can intelligently re-deploy resources to plug any gaps or take advantage of new growth sectors. Alternatively, you can provide staff with incentives or instruction to help maximise their performance. 

3) Avoid territory disputes

Territory disputes can be costly, time-consuming and will undermine your regular operations. 

Location intelligence enables you to gain a macro-perspective of your network, then allocate territories of equal/proportional size and create visualisations for people.

Move beyond unrepresentative radial or drive-time based territories. Periscope® helps you draw intricate territory boundaries that take account of local demographic boundaries, transport infrastructure and more. 

4) Minimise drive times

Effective territory planning involves positioning your premises both centrally and conveniently within each territory. 

With Periscope®, you can achieve this by viewing your territories on your own corporate, secure version of Google Maps.

Or, you can use the estimated drive-time feature to check that all of your target demographics can be reached within a certain time-frame.  

You can even use this feature to help optimise the routes your sales people travel on to ensure they get the most from each visit. 

For all these reasons and more, territory planning is among the most vital components for the success of your sales people. 

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