4 ways you can use address verification to your advantage

Address verification is vitally important for companies looking to gain a competitive advantage in the digital age.

Without knowing precisely where customers are based, you may inadvertently cause customers to become frustrated with your service, miss sales opportunities or damage your brand.

In this article, we’ll explore four of the most important ways that address verification can help companies improve their customer experience.

Streamline your services with address verification

These are the critical areas in which address verification can boost your service provision:

1) Marketing

Digital marketing may be prevalent, but a well-crafted direct mail campaign is a vital part of many companies’ marketing toolkit.

An effective address verification process enables you to validate the addresses (including postcodes) of active or prospective customers before you dispatch your campaign.

There are several ways this can help to boost your sales conversion rate. Rather than pay to deliver to all local residents within your target area, you can pick out individual households known to have shown an interest in your company previously. Alternatively, you could choose to expand your target area but be more selective about who receives your mail-out.

Address verification also reduces the amount of post that’s returned to you undelivered, generating savings that can be reinvested into further geo-targeted marketing.

2) Deliveries/returns

Address verification is required to optimise your delivery and return processes.

Without this element, customers may experience delays in their deliveries, or packages may be sent to the wrong address altogether, before being returned to the company as ‘undeliverable’. This will diminish the customer experience, potentially leading to a decline in customer loyalty.

With address verification in place, you save money on failed delivery fees. If you administer your own delivery services, you can optimise your route planning to make the most of every journey.

For companies that use a third-party delivery body, delivery times can be reduced by 1-2 days in some regions when addresses are input in a standardised format.

3) Customer service

Aside from enhanced delivery services, address verification also has ramifications for other customer service processes.

For example, you can use address verification after being contacted by a customer to:

  • Confirm their current location
  • Recognise if someone else from that location has made contact
  • Recommend alternative locations should an item become out of stock
  • Perform remote diagnostics on networked equipment

You can also streamline the purchasing process by enabling automatic input of their address information.

4) Data analytics

Lastly, address verification will help to improve your data analytics.

With this element in place, you can attribute demographic and competition-related insights to specific locations. This facilitates an additional layer of understanding about your profitability metrics.

On a more granular level, you can plot the locations of individual customers who have utilised your services in the past. This will help you build a clearer picture of localised markets.

Address verification is a vital component for companies in the digital age. Use advanced location intelligence software to add this approach to your arsenal.

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