Find office space: Selecting the location that’s right for your employees

Despite the growing popularity of remote working, taking steps to find suitable office space for your employee base is vital to your profitability.  

Well-placed office space can have untold effects on your staff productivity, efficiency and morale. In this article, we’ll explore a host of ways in which location intelligence software can help you find office space that’s right for your employees. 

How to find office space that suits your employee base

Here are four key areas where you can use location intelligence software to gain valuable insight when selecting office space for your staff base:

1) Identifying locations with good transport links

Perhaps most importantly, you need to find office space with quick transport links to the locations your employees are typically based in. 

Consider whether most of your staff are likely to travel by road or rail, and use the map interface to plot distances and travel times to major interchanges. 

Also, don’t forget to consider your logistics staff and clients. Select locations that ensure it’s quick and easy to visit your premises when required. 

2) Factoring in food, safety and entertainment

Of course, your office isn’t just somewhere your employees travel to for work. This location will come to play a major role in their lives.

Safety is one thing you should keep in mind. For instance, what does local crime and demographic data tell you about how safe an area is likely to be?

Then, there are the more enjoyable elements to consider, such as nearby lunch-spots, restaurants and entertainment venues. You can visualise all of these conveniently using location intelligence software. Make sure you identify locations within easy reach of a suitable variety of options. 

3) Finding places that align with your brand

Some employee-related considerations are less tangible than nearby eateries or transport links; and, that’s where you need to think about your brand. 

If you’re a new, effortlessly cool start-up, you might want to find a buzzy, up-and-coming area close to other start-ups, trendy coffee shops, and with scope to expand locally.  

If you’re more established, you may want to select a traditional area known for its links with your industry. 

You can get the measure of what an area is like by conveniently calculating a variety of demographic and other metrics using location intelligence software. 

4) Thinking about new staff

No matter how valiant your retention efforts are, you’ll eventually need to dip back into the recruitment market and hire new staff. 

When you’re looking to find office space, consider whether the local area can serve your staffing needs.

For example, would it help you to be close to a particular demographic, education/training centre, or competitor/related business with a similar staff profile?

Periscope® gives you the capacity to plot all of these aspects and more simultaneously and with absolute convenience. This degree of insight is integral to helping you optimise the productivity, retention and recruitment of your employees.

Find office space that’s the ideal match for your staff base with Periscope® from Newgrove; sign up for a free, 10-minute demo today.