How food vendors can utilise location intelligence in large venues

From fast food restaurants to coffee shops, a range of food vendors can enhance profitability by leveraging location intelligence in large venues. Shopping centers, airports, exhibition centers (and more) provide extensive commercial opportunities for food vendors. However, until now, success was defined by a combination of educated guesswork and luck.

With location intelligence software such as Periscope®, you will gain the insights you need to make decisions with confidence and optimise your food vendor services.

4 options for leveraging location intelligence in large venues

These are just some of the ways you can use location intelligence in large venues:

1. Customer tracking

You have a range of options when it comes to customer tracking; however, Bluetooth beacons and Wi-Fi analytics are the most popular:

  • Bluetooth beacons: Use multiple beacons to track overall footfall and customer flow throughout the venue. Or, triangulate between beacons to work out the precise locations of specific customers.
  • Wi-Fi analytics: Offer free Wi-Fi/gain access to Wi-Fi analytics to do all this and more. Request personal data you can use in future (e.g. email address/phone number).
  • Set up a loyalty scheme to learn more about purchase history/actions customers typically take before making a purchase.


2. Location planning

When you have this level of insight into your customer base, you can identify areas with the highest level of footfall.

  • You can calculate which other businesses increase your profitability when positioned nearby. Then, you can find retail destinations with the same profile elsewhere.
  • These insights also enable you to adapt your services to suit specific locations within large venues. For example, you can establish whether seating capacity is required and, if so, how many seats would be appropriate. Or, you can calculate how many staff/what volumes of each product you might require.


3. Adapting marketing messaging

Collating data on individual customers enables you to make the most out of your marketing expenditure.

  • You can analyse customer demographics/behaviour in large venues to tailor your marketing messages for specific groups, or even individual customers.
  • Or, you can track purchase history and set up an automated system that compiles bespoke offers/discounts that could incentivise potential customers to make a purchase.


4.Dispatching promotional materials

Adapting your marketing messages is only half the equation. However, by using location intelligence in large venues, you can dispatch your promotional materials at the most advantageous times.

  • Set up digital geofences and use these to trigger the sending of marketing resources. For example, you could set up a system whereby pre-existing customers receive an SMS when within 50 metres of your venue.
  • Or, you can adapt this concept by factoring in a time element. With this model, you could programme your marketing communications system to dispatch a message once potential customers have been in a venue for a set amount of time.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to leveraging location intelligence in large venues. Use this expert advice to get started, then adapt the system to suit your specific needs.

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