Levelling The Outdoor Advertising Playing Field Using Location Intelligence



Businesses are continually seeking new ways to maximise the impact of their marketing campaigns and to target the right audience, at the right time and at the right place. Whatever the size of your business or your marketing budget, Out of Home (OOH) advertising continues to be a timeless strategy for reaching audiences on the move. From traditional billboards to innovative digital displays and even at bus stops, outdoor advertising is affordable and can be highly effective for increasing your brand exposure.  

Out of Home Advertising Site Selection

Whether it’s targeting workers on busy commuter routes, shoppers in town centres or tourists at popular attractions, by analysing data from foot traffic patterns and consumer behaviour, it’s possible to identify high impact locations for OOH campaigns with pinpoint accuracy. Location Intelligence is a critical element to the success of outdoor advertising especially when it comes to site selection.


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Bus Stop Advertising

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Traditional Billboards

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Digital Displays

Five ways to make the most of your advertising budget using Location Intelligence

  1. Apply target audience segmentation – by targeting specific consumer segments with relevant messaging, you can maximise the effectiveness of your advertising. You can use Location intelligence to segment your audience based on geographic factors such as proximity to your business, demographic information and behavioural data. 
  1. Target the areas your business serves – relevant geotargeting delivers personalised adverts to consumers based on their geographical location. Local restaurants, home deliveries and small businesses with several premises can reap the benefits of data driven insights generated by Location Intelligence for localised advertising and geotargeting.
  1. Optimise your media placement – use Location Intelligence to identify high traffic areas, popular venues and strategic locations for media placement. By analysing foot traffic, consumer behaviour patterns and your competitors, you can optimise your media placements for maximise exposure.
  1. Monitor your competition – use Location Intelligence to conduct competitive analysis and benchmark your advertising campaigns against your competitors. By analysing your competitor’s activity, messaging strategies and media placements, it is possible to identify gaps and opportunities to help you differentiate your brand to gain a competitive edge.
  1. Consistently measure your ROI – by tracking sales, foot traffic attribution and other relevant key performance indicators, you can quantify the impact of your advertising locations and make data-driven decisions about your future OOH marketing campaigns.

Location Intelligence isn’t just for big brands — it’s also a game-changer for small businesses looking to make an impact on a budget. Using data-driven insights not only improves targeting, but it enables performance measurement by allowing advertisers to analyse and visualise media placement and how it affects key performance metrics.  

If you want to ensure that every OOH advertising pound you spend delivers maximum impact, then you should try our powerful, cost effective Location Intelligence platform Periscope® for yourself. 

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