“Microsoft is really excited to have NEWGROVE build their next generation experiences using the cloud and Windows Azure.”

Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President of Cloud and Enterprise, Microsoft

Jonathan Boylan

CTO & Founder

The technology philosophy at NEWGROVE revolves upon ensuring that our products are reliable, scalable, future proof and easy to use.

The team at NEWGROVE has a combined experience in geospatial software development of over 100 years and has designed, built and managed solutions that have been deployed globally for Central Government bodies, the European Union, The United Nations as well as numerous national and global brands.

Our Technology

NEWGROVE’s expertise involves Geospatial Business Analysis, Big Data, and the Cloud. Our solutions are provided as managed services using the SaaS (Software as a Service) model; this allows for a low cost of ownership with a high return on investment. Furthermore, our products streamline complex operations and reduce business risk.

We are a global reference site for Microsoft Azure, their cloud-computing platform, as well as direct contributors to their Big Data HDInsight (Hadoop) program. NEWGROVE is also a member of the Microsoft Azure Circle, which is a prestigious invite-only group of global companies. NEWGROVE is a Google Maps for Enterprise Partner, one of the original partners in EMEA. We are a Google DFP Premium Analytics Partner (formerly DoubleClick), where we focus on analysis of location-based ad targeting and marketing.

NEWGROVE plays an active role in numerous Open Source geospatial projects. We have particular expertise in NetTopologySuite, GeoAPI, SharpMap, MSSqlSpatial and NPack where we are project co-ordinators. We are also on the steering committee for DotSpatial and contribute to several other projects including MapServer, OpenLayers and pgRouting.

In addition to working with Microsoft on their cloud strategy, we work with the Information Systems and Innovation Group at the London School of Economics and contributed to a book entitled “Moving to the Cloud Corporation: How to face the challenges and harness the potential of cloud computing”, recently published by the department.

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