Unveiling the Layers of Location Intelligence


At the heart of Location Intelligence lies the ability to dissect geographic data into hierarchical layers, like peeling back the layers of an onion. Each layer represents a unique facet of our society, from population density and income levels to lifestyle preferences and consumer behaviour. By superimposing these layers onto a map, we can create a multidimensional, vivid canvas that provides invaluable insights about our local communities. 

Visualise Multiple Datasets

The most compelling application of Location Intelligence is its ability to visualise multiple datasets alongside each other enabling actionable insights. Radar is our powerful three tier segmentation system built on a multi-dimensional set of variables that divides the UK population and households into Lifestage and Wealth Categories, Groups and Types. Two of the main drivers of consumer behaviour are Age and Income, being able to apply this segmentation criteria to the consumer population offers consumer-focused businesses a huge advantage.

The 2021 Census

Of the many datasets used to build Radar, is the latest 2021 Census which is the most robust and comprehensive source of information on households and population in England and Wales. The 2021 Census provides the latest insights into population demographics, socioeconomic status and cultural diversity.  

From heat maps depicting population density to choropleth maps showcasing income disparities, Radar transforms your raw data into insights, empowering decision-makers to tailor their strategies and allocate resources more effectively. Wealth distribution is another important dimension for Location Intelligence.

Radar Lifestage Categories

Using geospatial analysis, you can infer patterns in consumer behaviour, housing preferences and recreational activities, from an understanding of Lifestage dynamics. The six Lifestage categories in Radar classify neighbourhoods from young singles living in major cities right through to retired people in family homes. Mapping these categories in Periscope® offers a valuable glimpse into the evolving fabric of our communities which is vital for understanding your customers.


Radar Wealth Categories

Radar provides a wealth score for every UK postcode by allocating small local areas (each containing 100-200 households) into quartiles of wealth from the most to the least affluent.  


Radar Lifestage and Wealth Categories

It is also possible to combine these Categories i.e. 6 Lifestage and 4 Wealth to classify neighbourhood areas in more detail, creating 24 Radar Groups that are ideal for mapping and profiling. By combining the latest lifestyle and demographic data, Radar is an essential tool for precision marketing and insightful strategy, supporting you in your marketing and strategic decisions. 


To discover more about this essential tool for customer profiling, and how it can empower your marketing and strategic decisions, please view our brochure or you can request a free demonstration.

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