Why 94% of brands view personalisation as key to marketing success

94% of brands view personalisation as critical to their overall marketing strategy – and for good reason.

Personalisation uses the high volumes of customer data available to add detail to your understanding of them as individuals, such as:

  • Where they live
  • Where they work
  • How they shop
  • When and how they travel

You can then use advanced location intelligence software to draw actionable insights. With these insights, you’ll get better at predicting customer behaviour.

This enables you to target customers with bespoke communications about the products they’re likely to purchase, and when they’re most likely to purchase them.

How personalisation can bring you greater marketing success

These are just some of the ways that you can achieve marketing success through enhanced personalisation:


74% of marketing professionals believe personalisation increases customer engagement.

Customer inboxes now swell with generic marketing communications, making old-style mass marketing techniques increasingly inefficient.

But, a succinct marketing communication focusing on products known to have been purchased by the customer is much more likely to spark engagement.

In fact, marketing emails that feature personalised subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened by customers.

Add a time and location-specific element (e.g. contacting them during their commute home, just before they pass your store), and you stand the maximum chance of inspiring a sale.

Brand perception

Personalisation can also improve how your brand is perceived.

Customers can quickly be put off from utilising your services if they feel their time is being wasted with numerous marketing communications that don’t speak to them as an individual.

Not only can this lead to you missing out on a sale, it could mean that they unsubscribe from your communications altogether, or even start warning friends not to engage with your brand.

By using personalisation to increase engagement and establish an ongoing dialogue, you have more scope to impart your brand values and capabilities.


Most importantly, a personalised approach to marketing will generate more ROI.

Personalising your customers’ online experience will increase sales by 20% on average, and feed heavily into your in-store activities.

This means everything from your commercial site and marketing content to your social media interactions should be honed for individual customer types, or even individual customers.

One field where personalisation has proved particularly potent is email marketing, with various reports highlighting:

In total, you’ll spend significantly less on untargeted marketing communications that don’t work, and increase average customer value over time (which requires much less investment than customer acquisition).

With results like these, personalisation should be a founding pillar of your marketing strategy. Take the time to crunch the numbers and get to know your customers better to improve your chances of long-term commercial success.

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